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RianIT Support use IT standards and controlled management processes, as a result able to increase the reliability and availability, leading to greater productivity and higher customer satisfaction.

RianIT Support is delivered under quality system and developed in accordance with Current framework best practice.

RianIT Support use proven technology to automate IT management processes and by carrying out day-to-day tasks remotely, (including systems monitoring) we work more efficiently and cost-effectively.

RianIT provide a comprehensive range of IT and networking solutions, we will consult, design and deliver working systems to our clients.

RianIT Support consist of different levels (such as Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze) and components that can be selected independently, (examples are: Proactive, Reactive Remote or Total Service Management), customers are able to decide how much or how little support is required. Service Level Agreement that provides the full details of each service and a set of tailored response times. This means that the IT services can be tuned to meet the needs of the business, and most importantly, that IT performance can be measured against pre-determined criteria.

RianIT Support gives the customer complete control, providing real-time system availability information, plus full details of all service requests and how they have been resolved.

Please send your support issues to RianIT Support Team
Email: support@rianit.com

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